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  • Things To Know About Freezing Honey
    Things To Know About Freezing Honey
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    The most important thing for a beekeeping farm is to store the honey safely and conveniently. There are so many ways practiced by farms to store the honey, but the ‘freezing honey’ process is still the widely used way to store and preserve the honey on a large scale.

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  • Top 10 Bee-Friendly Flowers
    Top 10 Bee-Friendly Flowers
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    As a beekeeper, It is very important for you to safeguard the health of your bees and keep them happy as well. One of the best ways to ensure that your bees are safe and healthy is to provide them with a healthy environment. Since the bees are usually in your garden or forest area, you can ensure that the plants surrounding the hive are good for them.

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  • Unknown Facts About Queen Bees
    Unknown Facts About Queen Bees
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    Like every group needs and has a leader to thrive in nature, the same is with bees. The leader of the bees is their queen bee. It is different in shape and size from the brooders or worker bees. Bees are very famous for producing honey, but if their queen bee dies, the group needs to find a new queen bee for themselves or else they will die.

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  • Pros And Cons Of Rooftop BeeHives
    Pros And Cons Of Rooftop BeeHives
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    Rooftop hives are getting quite common these days. Whenever we are looking for a new location for our beehive, we generally consider rooftop for this purpose. Of course, you can keep your beehive on your rooftop as it is a discrete location, but there are also few disadvantages which you should keep in your mind if you are thinking of placing your beehive on your rooftop. So today, we are going to discuss the major pros and cons of rooftop hives, which will help you decide whether it is a...

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  • Is Flowhive Bad For Your Bees?
    Is Flowhive Bad For Your Bees?
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    In the past few years, the beekeeping process is getting improved constantly due to advancements in technologies. According to a report, the population of bees worldwide increased by 3% when compared to the year 2017. Flow hive is a modern beehive design which makes the process of honey extraction easier. Flow hives is designed by two Australian beekeepers, it is an advanced form of the very popular Langstroth beehive. This hive eliminated the need of honey extractor and makes the honey...

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  • How To Get Bees For Your Flow Hive
    How To Get Bees For Your Flow Hive
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    The process of harvesting honey is dangerous and undoubtedly tricky. It requires a lot of experience and expertise to raise a healthy colony of bees that earns you money. The process of collecting honey is not only messy but also difficult and dangerous because you might get stung by the bees. This is also a traumatic experience to your bees as well. Thus to make this process easier for you and your bees, two Australian beekeepers invested a new type of beehive. The beehive is known as Flow...

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  • How To Identify A Queen Bee
    How To Identify A Queen Bee
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    Every group needs and has a leader. It is the same with beehives. Every hive has its queen, which is the leader of the hive. The queen bee acts as a mother to almost every bee in the hive. The importance of the presence of a queen bee is very important. If the queen bee dies or is sick, the health of the group is also adversely affected. If such a certain situation arises, then the group comes under an immediate need of a new queen bee. How can you identify the queen bee of the hive, though?...

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  • How To Check If You Have A Strong Hive
    How To Check If You Have A Strong Hive
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    Assessing the strength of the beehive is one of the most important jobs for the beekeeper. There are different methods and ways you can use to determine exactly how strong your beehive is. 

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages of Queen Excluders
    Advantages And Disadvantages of Queen Excluders
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    It is quite hard to identify queen excluders as good or bad. The ultimate question is, is it good or bad for the bees? Does it result in the production of less or more honey? How often should they be used and how to use them? But since there are no direct answers available with supporting evidence, the question of it being good or bad solely depends on what you are looking for!

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  • Bee Behavior And Characteristics
    Bee Behavior And Characteristics
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    Bees play a very important role in our ecosystem. They are responsible for the production of the food we eat. Bees help in pollinating seeds and they account for one-third of the total food production. Many people are scared of bees and they want to get rid of these amazing creatures. You can understand the common bee behavior and characteristics if you can get close to them.

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  • The Sun Hive - Natural Beekeeping
    The Sun Hive - Natural Beekeeping
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    Sun hive is a popular type of beehive design and it makes your bees feel like they are in a natural hive. This beehive design was founded by German sculptor Guenther Muncke. This bee nest has an egg-like shape and it is suspended above the ground versus the standard beehives that rest on the earth. He designed this hive after carefully observing the wild bees nest. This reason for designing this natural-looking beehive is to promote natural beekeeping. Natural beekeeping means treating your...

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  • Uses And Benefits of Acacia Honey
    Uses And Benefits of Acacia Honey
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    Honey is loved by everyone because of its amazing taste and health benefits. Whenever we think of honey, a sweet light yellow colored thing comes in our mind. But do you know that there are more than 300 types of honey? Yes, that is true, and one popular type of honey is Acacia Honey.

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