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  • Why are Your Bees Not Using their Super?
    Why are Your Bees Not Using their Super?
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    Beekeeping is not an easy job to do. There are various challenges that you have to overcome month after month and it is a never-ending cycle. One of the many challenges that a beekeeper has to go through is to solve the problem of their bees not using the super. There is no one reason as to why the bees are not using the super, it can be either one or more than one reason behind it.

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  • Honey Bee Nutrition
    Honey Bee Nutrition
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    Honey bees require fats, protein, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and water to survive.

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  • How To Get Bees For Your Flow Hive
    How To Get Bees For Your Flow Hive
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    The process of harvesting honey is dangerous and undoubtedly tricky. It requires a lot of experience and expertise to raise a healthy colony of bees that earns you money. The process of collecting honey is not only messy but also difficult and dangerous because you might get stung by the bees. This is also a traumatic experience to your bees as well. Thus to make this process easier for you and your bees, two Australian beekeepers invested a new type of beehive. The beehive is known as Flow...

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  • Uses And Benefits of Acacia Honey
    Uses And Benefits of Acacia Honey
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    Honey is loved by everyone because of its amazing taste and health benefits. Whenever we think of honey, a sweet light yellow colored thing comes in our mind. But do you know that there are more than 300 types of honey? Yes, that is true, and one popular type of honey is Acacia Honey.

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  • Tips For Organic Beekeeping
    Tips For Organic Beekeeping
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    There are many tips to keep organic bees. First of all, it’s important to understand the word ‘beekeeping’ this means that a keeper that takes care of bees and implements steps to keep their colonies protective. The whole process is natural by all means, but this can’t be 100% organic. Honey bees are providing us with great advantages, so we should consider it and deal with it in every single imaginable way.

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  • Top 10 Books Every Beekeeper Should Read
    Top 10 Books Every Beekeeper Should Read
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    Beekeeping is a very rewarding hobby. Bees are wonderful creatures who pollinate plants and keep our earth luscious and green. Due to our efforts in keeping the number of bees alive to combat global warming, we can find so many books and information out there that can teach us about the ins and outs of beekeeping.

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  • Why Honey Production is Reducing in the United States?
    Why Honey Production is Reducing in the United States?
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    Honey bees play a very critical role in the agricultural production of U.S. Pollination done by established and managed honey bee colonies augments at least $15 billion to the worth of U.S. agriculture yearly with amplified yields and top-quality produce. But managed honey has been under some serious pressure for quite some time now, which has resulted in the collapse of many colonies. Let's have a look at why honey production is reducing in the United States:

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  • Tips on Swarm Prevention
    Tips on Swarm Prevention
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    Watching swarming honey bees can definitely alarm some people. Nevertheless, most of the time, it is a natural process. It is a familiar sight during the spring and early summer. Honey bees intuitively manage the development of their colony and existence by swarming. Even though honeybees can swarm from their hive whenever they want, they lean towards swarming most during springtime. From time to time, honeybees swarm when they think it's time to create another colony. Nevertheless, there are...

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  • Beekeeping Tools and Equipment
    Beekeeping Tools and Equipment
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    Beekeeping is definitely a profitable business and it doesn’t require a very large investment. But you still need a set of essential tools and equipment in order to become a successful beekeeper and run a business that earns you money. So here are essential equipment which every beekeeper should have.

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  • What is Beekeeping and how to plan for it?
    What is Beekeeping and how to plan for it?
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    Beekeeping, also known as apiculture, is the practice of keeping and maintaining colonies of bees. The person keeping and maintaining bees is called a beekeeper. Honey bees are kept in beehives, also called as an apiary. It is a highly valuable business in today’s market because everything from honey to beewax and even the bees is sold at high prices. Bee wax is used in a variety of purposes, from making cosmetics to candles, massage wax, etc. all have a great value.

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  • Different Types Of Honey And Their Health Benefits
    Different Types Of Honey And Their Health Benefits
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    One of the most interesting things that you might know about honey is that there can be limitless types of honey. The variables that affect the change of honey’s type are just a lot, such as plants, trees, air temperature, etc. A slight change in any or all of the factors will result in a different kind of honey.

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  • BeeKeepers Calendar
    BeeKeepers Calendar
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    A beekeepers calendar is divided into a total of 12 months. For a beekeeper, he/she can’t go easy on any month. Beehives need continuous care and protection all around the year. Here is how beekeepers plan their months:

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