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  • Step By Step Guide To Use A Bee Smoker
    Step By Step Guide To Use A Bee Smoker
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    If you are into beekeeping, you must have also heard about the bee smoker. When you talk about lighting a smoker, it is very much like starting a fire while camping. If you are not sure why people smokers in beekeeping, it is to calm the bees. Qualified beekeepers can tell you that bees are of compliant nature. But they can get defensive if they feel threatened. During those times, it becomes important to avert any possible attack.

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  • How Many Beehives You Can Manage Alone?
    How Many Beehives You Can Manage Alone?
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    If you are into beekeeping, you might be wondering about how many beehives you can manage. You might be confused about how much you can handle. When you are starting out in beekeeping, you might get carried away and bite off more than you can chew. There are various factors to be considered when you are getting yourself into beekeeping. You need to carefully assess your abilities and other elements before you make a decision.

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  • Do The Bees Hibernate In The Winter?
    Do The Bees Hibernate In The Winter?
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    Many bees and wasps go into hibernation when the cold months of the year arrive. In a lot of species of bees, only the queen manages to live through the winter. Then they come out in spring to rebuild a colony. However, honey bees are one of those that stay all through the winter. They do it regardless of the cold temperatures and lack of flowers. Not all bees act the same way. Some bees hibernate while some work hard to keep warm and fed. Honey bees and bumble bees belong to the same...

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  • How Long Does It Take To Get Honey From A New Hive?
    How Long Does It Take To Get Honey From A New Hive?
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    How Long Does It Take To Get Honey From A New Hive? If you are a new beekeeper, then you would surely be eager to taste some of the honey from your own beehives. It is natural for beekeepers to look forward to their first harvest. But before you decide to take away honey from a new hive, you must make sure that the colony has sufficient honey. This is why most beekeepers do not harvest honey from a new hive for the first year.

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  • How Does Bee Become A Queen?
    How Does Bee Become A Queen?
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    Honeybees are a vital part of the food chain of this planet. They facilitate the pollination in a variety of plants and flowers. Indeed, honeybees are also important for some of the crops grown by the farmers. The bees have a very well-ordered social system, and the queen bee is the most important part of it.

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  • Honeybee Starvation
    Honeybee Starvation
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    You might not be aware of it, but honey bees also face the starvation problem. Honey bee starvation is a problem which is encountered by many bees and beekeepers. There are various reasons why bees might be starving. It may occur due to poor weather, infection, exhausting food reserves and more. While residential beekeepers lose more colonies in the winter, commercial beekeepers don't face much loss due to season. As a beekeeper, you should know when you need to feed the bees. It can be...

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  • How To Start A Beekeeping Business?
    How To Start A Beekeeping Business?
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    Beekeeping usually begins as a hobby for most people who eventually get confident enough to extend their hobby into a business. For those who love their bees, this is the best way to spend your time with the colonies and also earn out of it. Since beekeeping is more than just collecting honey, a beekeeper has to have a significant amount of knowledge about the products made out of honey and honeycomb and the target audiences for these products to ensure that the business is a profitable...

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  • Do You Really Need A Foundation Comb?
    Do You Really Need A Foundation Comb?
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      Like any form of art, different people have their own preferences and approaches when it comes to beekeeping. With new products coming up every day, it has become technically easier for a new beekeeper to set up his own apiary to collect honey or just to pursue beekeeping as a hobby. However, experienced beekeepers prefer more natural and difficult ways to the entire process. Going with foundation or foundationless frames is one such important decision that you have to take when you are...

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  • Understanding Mason Jar Beekeeping
    Understanding Mason Jar Beekeeping
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    Mason jar beekeeping is the latest invention of beekeeping that is ideal for small places. You can install it at the rooftop, suburban backyard, or at similar places easily. This beekeeping process does not differ much from the ordinary hives. Here, some mason jars are fitted inside the ordinary hives. The bees will utilize the jars for making comb and honey. So, the jars will be filled with bee honey. Designing a Mason jar beekeeping is too simple. You need to have some woods, mason jars...

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  • How To Safely Transport And Relocate Your Hives
    How To Safely Transport And Relocate Your Hives
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    Transporting hives with Bees is definitely a daunting task that should be handled very carefully. Everything should be well planned to lessen the disruption to the bees. Pollination is a reason of transporting hives. But, there are many other reasons like moving your house, repositioning the bees in cold weather, etc. So, transporting hives with bees is required at some point. Here is a small guide to safely transport and relocate your hives. Follow the below steps and you can do the...

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  • Equipment Needed by Urban Beekeepers
    Equipment Needed by Urban Beekeepers
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      Beekeeping today has become a popular concept globally. While some do it just to harvest some fresh honey for themselves, there are others who just pursue it as a hobby. Beekeeping is also done on a large scale either for agricultural purposes or to harvest honey and related products such as beeswax, among others. Are you considering to take up beekeeping? Read this article to get to know what exactly you need to maintain and grow your apiary.

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