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Beekeeper practices

Everything you need to be a good beekeeper

  • Why Use Cypress for Beehives
    Why Use Cypress for Beehives
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    How to know, how many kg of honey i have There are a lot of beekeepers who want to do everything on their own. If you are a regular beekeeper, you must be well aware of the struggles of maintaining your beehive. One of the most important things you should consider is the type of wood to use in your beehive. There is a wide variety of woods available for beehives.

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  • DIY Honeybee Feeder Bags & June Gap
    DIY Honeybee Feeder Bags & June Gap
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    June gap is a tough time for bee colonies because there is a shortage of food for the bees. It is a very strange phenomenon that occurs in United Kingdom and some other countries of the world. The term June gap refers to the shortage of nectar and pollen for the bees. This makes the survival of the colonies a lot more difficult.

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  • Why Are Honey Bees Important To The Environment?
    Why Are Honey Bees Important To The Environment?
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    Honeybees help us in many ways that we are not even aware of. After all, the honeybee is the producer of one of the most favorite foods of human beings. It is a fact that the human race cannot live if all the honeybees get extinct from this world. It is because they are the main agent of pollination. There are also a lot of other reasons for you to start beekeeping in your backyard. 

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  • How to Protect Bees Against Varroa Mites?
    How to Protect Bees Against Varroa Mites?
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    Bees have been struggling against Varroa mites from ages, and beekeepers are trying to deal with this problem to keep their hives safe. A number of natural, chemical, and medicinal products as well as techniques are available in the market to reduce and even eliminate the problem of Varroa mites. But the problem is which method to trust and what to avoid? Here in this article, we shall see the medication as well as natural ways to keep the mite’s problem at bay. So, here is how you should...

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