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Beekeeper practices

Everything you need to be a good beekeeper

  • Step By Step Guide To Use A Bee Smoker
    Step By Step Guide To Use A Bee Smoker
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    If you are into beekeeping, you must have also heard about the bee smoker. When you talk about lighting a smoker, it is very much like starting a fire while camping. If you are not sure why people smokers in beekeeping, it is to calm the bees. Qualified beekeepers can tell you that bees are of compliant nature. But they can get defensive if they feel threatened. During those times, it becomes important to avert any possible attack.

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  • Reasons for Colony Collapse Disorder
    Reasons for Colony Collapse Disorder
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    The fall of 2006 brought a new worry for the beekeepers with the new phenomenon of Colony Collapse Disorder. It was reported that a number of bees started disappearing mysteriously leaving behind just the queen bee and a few other young ones. Although, till now, no exact cause is found behind this unnatural behavior of the bee colonies, there are still few theories about them. Here are a few of the speculated reasons for Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD).

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  • What is Colony Collapse Disorder?
    What is Colony Collapse Disorder?
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    Beekeepers have been worrying about the disappearance of bees around a specific period of the year. Around the year 2006-2007, it was seen that a large number of worker bees just disappear from their hives all of a sudden. No specific reason was found behind the disappearance, and that gave rise to a new term ‘Colony Collapse Disorder’ for all the beekeepers. Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is the term given to what looks like the most serious disappearance of honey bee colonies. It can be...

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  • How To Know When To Harvest Honey From Your Beehives
    How To Know When To Harvest Honey From Your Beehives
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    Like every other crop beekeeping also needs to be harvested but unlike the other culture where we can easily figure out when to take out the harvest here, we find it bit difficult to know it out from outside. Therefore what indicators we should follow in order to know when is the correct time to take out the harvest. According to expertise, there are a couple of signs that we need to look forward to but the conditions and circumstances that we are relying on, may vary from place to place. A...

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  • Spring Bee Keeping Inspection
    Spring Bee Keeping Inspection
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    Beekeeping Inspection Like any other culture, beekeeping also needs full care and checking from time to time. It is the responsibility of beekeeper to keep an eye on what should be done and at what specific time. It is important to keep oneself acquainted with the needs of the bees. Though the general idea is, first beekeeping inspection starts with spring, which isn’t true because bees do need constant vigilance in order to avoid your loss of the colonies. Every season comes with its...

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  • How To Deal With Bee Robbing Frenzies
    How To Deal With Bee Robbing Frenzies
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    Beehive robbing is a situation where a beehive faces the attack from foreign bees. How much this situation is serious and how it can be controlled, let us know.   During the attack, the defending party will do or die to save their hive. Therefore this bee battle can lead to the death of so many tiny bees, or it can even kill the entire colony. It is such a tragedy not only for bees but for the beekeepers as well.   Another situation that can happen if the defending party fails to...

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  • Tips To Manage Honeybees
    Tips To Manage Honeybees
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    Are you thinking of setting up your own apiary but not sure how to go about handling the honey bees? Worried they might sting you? Don’t worry. This article can help you with all the tips and knowledge that you need to go about handling your colony the right way.

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  • Guide to Small Hive Beetle Traps and Treatment
    Guide to Small Hive Beetle Traps and Treatment
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    Protecting your apiary from pest infestations and diseases is one of the most important things that you have to do. Pests can cause a number of damages to your hive such as rotting honey, the decline in the bee population, create aggression in bees, and much more. The only way to avoid this is through constant inspections and maintenance of your apiaries. The small hive beetle is one such pest that can cause a lot of problems to your hive. The adult beetles fly into the hive and lay their...

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  • Role of Worker Bee in the Colony
    Role of Worker Bee in the Colony
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    The worker bees have one of the most important roles to play inside a hive. They are responsible for a number of activities and tasks that keep the colony functioning efficiently. But who are the worker bees? The Queen bee can lay fertilized and unfertilized eggs. While the unfertilized eggs become the drone bees, the fertilized eggs can either become worker bees or queen bees. The only difference is that the worker bees do not have the capability to reproduce and lay eggs.

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  • Facts You Should Know About the Queen Bee
    Facts You Should Know About the Queen Bee
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    Quite easily one of the most popular bees in the hive, here are some important things you need to know about the Queen bee.

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  • Why Do Bees Become Aggressive?
    Why Do Bees Become Aggressive?
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    Managing and maintaining apiaries have become an increasingly common sight today. While some do it as a hobby which they are passionate about, others pursue beekeeping as a source of income or as a way to harvest some fresh organic honey. However, there is one common problem that you have to deal with during beekeeping. Aggressive bees! Though they are docile most of the time and can be handled carefully, there are some cases where the bees become extremely aggressive and difficult to deal with.

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  • How To Feed Sugar Water To Bees?
    How To Feed Sugar Water To Bees?
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    Think about feeding sugar water to cute little bees. It makes a very pretty picture. However, while some experts advise not to feed the bees, some believe bees must be fed in particular cases. It could be done to give a boost to new bees or help the beehive during the winter times. Adding sugar with water is the first thing many new beekeepers begin with. If bees already have natural nectar or stored honey, do not use sugar water. If you feed them sugar water without requirement, they might...

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