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Beekeeper practices

Everything you need to be a good beekeeper

  • Tips To Create A Bee-Friendly Garden
    Tips To Create A Bee-Friendly Garden
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    It is not a hidden fact that honey bee colonies have been disappearing for the last decade. There are many factors responsible including the rise in temperatures, the use of pesticides and herbicides, and change in environments. Honey bees are a very important part of nature's cycle, which is significant for our survival. They are the biggest pollinators. About a third of all our crops depend on bees moving between flowers. Creating bee-friendly gardens can be a way to help the bees' survival.

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  • Tips To Check Your Beehive In Winter
    Tips To Check Your Beehive In Winter
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    Beekeeping in winter is the most important factor. If you do beekeeping as an occupation or hobby, you must be aware of how to keep them safe in the different season, especially winter. Honey bees require at least 92 degrees F temperature inside the hive to survive in this season. As a beekeeper, it is important for you to give all that is required for the bee to survive in this tough situation.

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  • Top Best Bee Boxes
    Top Best Bee Boxes
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    Honey bees need a good residence to flourish and they never bear any offensive conduct. If you are new to the practice of beekeeping and have doubts, then you must go through this article to know how to make a residence for your bees. The initial step is to spend in a good beehive box and luckily many options are available in the market. But the question is what to consider and what not.   ·         Select a hive that obstructs drone production and increases the production of honey and...

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  • How Bees Make Beeswax And What Are The Uses Of It
    How Bees Make Beeswax And What Are The Uses Of It
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    Beeswax is produced by bees in their abdomen with the help of a special wax producing gland. This gland converts the sugar of honey into wax and stores it inside the abdomen. The size of the abdomen depends on the age of the worker bees. Initially, the wax is colorless and becomes yellow or brown when mixed with pollen, pollen oils, and propolis. The wax is formed into scales and is used to form cells to store honey and to protect larval inside the beehive. Beeswax is used to structure the...

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  • Top 5 Reasons Behind Choosing Beekeeping As A Profession
    Top 5 Reasons Behind Choosing Beekeeping As A Profession
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    Beekeeping is an interesting profession and can be done successfully when you are fascinated in doing it. It involves maintaining bee colonies that are inside man-made hives. The place where bees are kept is called bee yard or apiary. The main purpose of the beekeepers is to collect honey, beeswax, propolis, flower pollen, bee pollen, and royal jelly. They also do it to pollinate crops and for the production of more bees to sale it to other beekeepers. 

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  • Types Of Bee Nests
    Types Of Bee Nests
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    A bee nest is also called as beehive by some people. But, there is a slight difference in both of them. Hive is a man-made structure to keep honeybee nest wherein the bee nest is naturally made by bees and are hanging and exposed. Western honeybees and Eastern honeybees are the main species for honey production and are mainly kept by beekeepers for honey production. 

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  • BeeKeepers Calendar
    BeeKeepers Calendar
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    A beekeepers calendar is divided into a total of 12 months. For a beekeeper, he/she can’t go easy on any month. Beehives need continuous care and protection all around the year. Here is how beekeepers plan their months:

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  • Different Types Of Honey And Their Health Benefits
    Different Types Of Honey And Their Health Benefits
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    One of the most interesting things that you might know about honey is that there can be limitless types of honey. The variables that affect the change of honey’s type are just a lot, such as plants, trees, air temperature, etc. A slight change in any or all of the factors will result in a different kind of honey.

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  • Honey Bees Life in the Hive
    Honey Bees Life in the Hive
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    A honey bee colony could be said as a single organism. Bees are some of the most fascinating creatures and they work in collaboration with each other in a perfectly organized way. The life of a bee is just for its colony. Learning about the life of a bee is very important if you are planning to do beekeeping.

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  • What is Apitherapy?
    What is Apitherapy?
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    Apitherapy is a kind of healing therapy where people are treated directly from the products that are made of honey. It has been found very useful in treating various diseases and tone down their symptoms. It can also remove chronic injuries and acute pain. It has been used for a thousand years before the introduction of western medicine.

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  • What is Beekeeping and how to plan for it?
    What is Beekeeping and how to plan for it?
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    Beekeeping, also known as apiculture, is the practice of keeping and maintaining colonies of bees. The person keeping and maintaining bees is called a beekeeper. Honey bees are kept in beehives, also called as an apiary. It is a highly valuable business in today’s market because everything from honey to beewax and even the bees is sold at high prices. Bee wax is used in a variety of purposes, from making cosmetics to candles, massage wax, etc. all have a great value.

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  • Beekeeping Tools and Equipment
    Beekeeping Tools and Equipment
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    Beekeeping is definitely a profitable business and it doesn’t require a very large investment. But you still need a set of essential tools and equipment in order to become a successful beekeeper and run a business that earns you money. So here are essential equipment which every beekeeper should have.

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