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  • Reason For High Colony Losses This Year
    Reason For High Colony Losses This Year
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    The year has seen a steep decline in the population of bees in colonies by almost 40%. This is reported by beekeepers all over the country and has become a topic of concern for most people. Honey bees today are the backbone of the agricultural industry as they contribute to natural pollination of more than 80% of cultivated crops.

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  • Do The Bees Hibernate In The Winter?
    Do The Bees Hibernate In The Winter?
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    Many bees and wasps go into hibernation when the cold months of the year arrive. In a lot of species of bees, only the queen manages to live through the winter. Then they come out in spring to rebuild a colony. However, honey bees are one of those that stay all through the winter. They do it regardless of the cold temperatures and lack of flowers. Not all bees act the same way. Some bees hibernate while some work hard to keep warm and fed. Honey bees and bumble bees belong to the same...

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  • Why And How Bees Make Honey?
    Why And How Bees Make Honey?
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    Why And How Bees Make Honey? Every living being works towards one cause for most of their lives. Survival. Honey is survival food for the bees. Since bees feed mostly on nectar and pollen, they require blooming flowers to feed. But when winter sets in, honey bees lose their natural source of food, which means that they need an alternative source of food to survive. Honey works as their alternative source. The nectar and pollen collected by honey bees are converted into energy-rich...

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  • Taktic Bee Treatment For Varroa Mites
    Taktic Bee Treatment For Varroa Mites
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    What is Varroa Mites? Varroa mites are one of the most dangerous pests for a bee colony. It can cause massive destruction and it adversely affects your business. Taktic bee treatment is an effective way to protect your bee colony from Varroa mites. The treatment is very helpful to the beekeepers who are constantly facing varroa mite related problems in their beehives. The best part about this treatment is that it is completely safe for both the honey producers and consumers. It is a...

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  • Plastic or Wood Frames for Your Beehives
    Plastic or Wood Frames for Your Beehives
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    Beekeepers have two options while choosing the material for the beehive frame – plastic and wood. Wood is a traditional and natural frame for the bees. Plastic, on the other hand, an innovation in beekeeping culture. So, here is a quick comparison of both these materials that will help you decide which one to pick for your bees.

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  • Why Do Bees Buzz?
    Why Do Bees Buzz?
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    Bees are a flying insect that buzz here and there in the summer atmosphere, and makes it more beautiful with their buzzing sounds. The question always came into our mind when we were children, how do the bees buzz? What makes that buzzing sound? The beating of bee’s wings creates a vibration in the wind and that vibration creates a sound of buzz. This buzz depends on how rapidly the wings are beaten in the air, more the vibration more loudly will be the sound. Adult bees which get bigger...

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  • Apistan Vs. Apivar- Which One Is Better
    Apistan Vs. Apivar- Which One Is Better
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    Various products have been launched in the market concerning Varroa mites control in apiaries. They are manufactured and sold by several industries engaged in beekeeping or related business. All of these promise to wipe out mite infestation in a short time. Apistan and Apivar both belong to the mite control niche. This article is all about a comparison of their quality of work, sustainability, effectiveness, and duration until their effect lasts. It will help beekeepers to make a better...

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  • Why you should keep chickens and honeybees together?
    Why you should keep chickens and honeybees together?
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    Today, we are going to talk about one of the most confusing matters for all the honeybee keepers. Is it a good idea to keep chickens and honeybees together? There are so many people who believe that it is not a good idea to keep them together as they can bother each other, but we would like to clarify that it is no more than a myth. While we agree that there can be few exceptions too.

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  • How To Set Up A Swarm Trap For Honey bees?
    How To Set Up A Swarm Trap For Honey bees?
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    Swarming season is usually during spring when the bees have spent the winter in their colony and are ready to split to start afresh and gather enough honey before winter. But trapping a swarm can be a hit and miss. Everything from the equipment to the lure you use can make a difference. So here’s a step-by-step instruction on setting up a swarm trap for honey bees:

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  • How Much Honey Can Bees Make in A Lifetime?
    How Much Honey Can Bees Make in A Lifetime?
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    A hive is made up of a large number of worker bees who are responsible for the upkeep of the colony. The queen bee is tasked with laying eggs and the drone bees have the sole purpose of mating with the queen. Then queen bee and the drones mostly fly out of the colony for mating purposes. While drones tend to last a single season where they would die soon after successfully mating with the queen bee or would be ejected from the colony when winter begins to set in. Queen bees can live for...

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  • Top Best Bee Boxes
    Top Best Bee Boxes
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    Honey bees need a good residence to flourish and they never bear any offensive conduct. If you are new to the practice of beekeeping and have doubts, then you must go through this article to know how to make a residence for your bees. The initial step is to spend in a good beehive box and luckily many options are available in the market. But the question is what to consider and what not.   ·         Select a hive that obstructs drone production and increases the production of honey and...

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  • 10 Best Treatments for Varroa Mites
    10 Best Treatments for Varroa Mites
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    Beekeepers go through a lot of hurdles to keep their honey bee colonies safe, and Varroa mites are their one of the top 5 problems. These little annoying creatures ruin the entire beehive if not treated right at initial stages. And so, here are the 10 best treatments to get rid of Varroa mites and keep your bee colony safe.

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