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  • BeeKeepers Calendar
    BeeKeepers Calendar
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    A beekeepers calendar is divided into a total of 12 months. For a beekeeper, he/she can’t go easy on any month. Beehives need continuous care and protection all around the year. Here is how beekeepers plan their months:

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  • How To Save Bees From Extinction?
    How To Save Bees From Extinction?
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    Honey bees are the world’s most indispensable pollinator of food crops. They are advantageous because bees provide us with fruits, nuts, leaves, seeds and roots. People often snub the fact that bees pollinate food eaten by animal and birds. There are several fruits which require pollination such as soybeans, avocadoes, cucumber, citrus fruit, asparagus, etc. Nowadays, bees are vanishing, so we have to take the initiative to make the world a healthier place for bees. We mention some...

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  • How Long Do Varroa Mites Live?
    How Long Do Varroa Mites Live?
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    Varroa mites are a parasite of the honey bees – where there are honey bees, there are Varroa mites. A beekeeper should always keep an eye for this parasite because it is a very nasty infestation that can destroy an entire colony of bees. These tiny parasites initially attack a bee colony externally. They place themselves on the larvae or brood and even on the adult bees. Varroa mites feed on hemolymph present in the circulatory system and make the brood and the bees susceptible to diseases.

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  • Taktic Bee Treatment For Varroa Mites
    Taktic Bee Treatment For Varroa Mites
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    What is Varroa Mites? Varroa mites are one of the most dangerous pests for a bee colony. It can cause massive destruction and it adversely affects your business. Taktic bee treatment is an effective way to protect your bee colony from Varroa mites. The treatment is very helpful to the beekeepers who are constantly facing varroa mite related problems in their beehives. The best part about this treatment is that it is completely safe for both the honey producers and consumers. It is a...

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  • Homemade Treatment For Varroa Mites
    Homemade Treatment For Varroa Mites
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    Varroa mite treatment is important to make sure you do not face any loss because of these creatures. The first thing that comes in mind when talking about controlling varroa mites is the commercially sold products. But Varroa mites can also be controlled using homemade mite treatment alternatives. Homemade treatment for mites is considered safer in comparison to chemical products. If you are facing problems related to Varroa mites and looking for the best homemade varroa mite treatment,...

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  • How Bees Make Honey?
    How Bees Make Honey?
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    Honey Bees are known for their efficiency. One can compare the working efficiency of honey bees to that of a man. In a beehive, each bee is assigned with a special task which results in the smooth functioning of the whole system of collecting nectar and making honey and the honeycomb. Honey is prepared by a particular type of bee called Apis mellifera. On an average a beehive consists of 40000 to 50000 bees, most of the bees in a hive are workers who keep on collecting nectar and pollens...

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