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  • Why Use Cypress for Beehives
    Why Use Cypress for Beehives
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    How to know, how many kg of honey i have There are a lot of beekeepers who want to do everything on their own. If you are a regular beekeeper, you must be well aware of the struggles of maintaining your beehive. One of the most important things you should consider is the type of wood to use in your beehive. There is a wide variety of woods available for beehives.

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  • Wooden beehives vs. Plastic beehives
    Wooden beehives vs. Plastic beehives
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    Beekeeping is a fun and rewarding hobby. However, there is quite a lot to learn if you decide to begin beekeeping as a hobby. For example, are wooden or plastic beehives better? Traditionally, wood is preferred due as it is natural, and bees take a greater liking towards them. On the other hand, plastic has also proven to be very applicable in the making of beehives. There are also a number of factors to consider before settling on the material for your hive. These include insulation,...

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