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  • How To Check If You Have A Strong Hive
    How To Check If You Have A Strong Hive
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    Assessing the strength of the beehive is one of the most important jobs for the beekeeper. There are different methods and ways you can use to determine exactly how strong your beehive is. 

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  • The Sun Hive - Natural Beekeeping
    The Sun Hive - Natural Beekeeping
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    Sun hive is a popular type of beehive design and it makes your bees feel like they are in a natural hive. This beehive design was founded by German sculptor Guenther Muncke. This bee nest has an egg-like shape and it is suspended above the ground versus the standard beehives that rest on the earth. He designed this hive after carefully observing the wild bees nest. This reason for designing this natural-looking beehive is to promote natural beekeeping. Natural beekeeping means treating your...

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  • Beekeeping Tools and Equipment
    Beekeeping Tools and Equipment
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    Beekeeping is definitely a profitable business and it doesn’t require a very large investment. But you still need a set of essential tools and equipment in order to become a successful beekeeper and run a business that earns you money. So here are essential equipment which every beekeeper should have.

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  • Top Best Bee Boxes
    Top Best Bee Boxes
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    Honey bees need a good residence to flourish and they never bear any offensive conduct. If you are new to the practice of beekeeping and have doubts, then you must go through this article to know how to make a residence for your bees. The initial step is to spend in a good beehive box and luckily many options are available in the market. But the question is what to consider and what not.   ·         Select a hive that obstructs drone production and increases the production of honey and...

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