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  • How Honey Bees Beat The Heat?
    How Honey Bees Beat The Heat?
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    As we all know, honey bees live in a big and congested nest which we often see at trees and hollows with narrow openings. Human beings tend to cool themselves down as the temperature rises, and so do bees and other birds. In this small guide, you will learn how honeybees beat the heat? Generally, people don’t know that honey bees are susceptible to temperature so the hive must have adequate ventilation while the brood is incubating. Researchers have developed a framework which helps us...

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  • How Honey Becomes Toxic?
    How Honey Becomes Toxic?
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    We know how beneficial honey is. It has innumerable health benefits as it is abundant in various important vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids and sugars. Honey is used as a replacement for sugar by many health enthusiast and diabetic patients. It is also an important ingredient for the food industry, which further allows beekeeping firms to grow and prosper. But, sometimes this honey becomes toxic due to some factors. Let us know what the reasons behind honey toxicity are.

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  • Is Melted Snow at the Roof of Hive Good?
    Is Melted Snow at the Roof of Hive Good?
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    Winters are harsh for the honey bees. The beehives need to be cared for else one could risk losing an entire colony of bees. Inspection of the beehives at regular intervals is necessary. During these times you may find the snow on the roof of the beehive to be melted. You might have definitely thought about what the melted snow could mean. A beekeeper must know what happens to a beehive in the winter. This article will help you understand all about the survival of bees in winter.

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  • How to Deal with Bees Nest?
    How to Deal with Bees Nest?
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    Honey bees are amazing builders found in nature, and the hexagonal structures found in the nests is worth being awed off. However, when you find these amazing bee nests unexpectedly in your property, then it might become a reason to worry about. So, in this article, we shall talk about how to deal with Bees’ nest. To handle such a situation, you first need to be aware of which kind of nest it is. You can deal with the nests depending on the type of bees live inside them. Here are the most...

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  • What is Bee Hotel and Does It Work?
    What is Bee Hotel and Does It Work?
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    The bee population is declining worldwide – thanks to the cities and cement world. And famous researchers say that without bees, human species will extinct within a few years of times. This tells you the importance of bees in the world. So, what can you do for safeguarding or contributing a little to save the bee population? A bee hotel is an answer.

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  • Why You Should Paint Your Beehive
    Why You Should Paint Your Beehive
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    You must have seen beekeepers painting their hives but do you know the reason why they use to paint the beehive, how they paint and what kind of paint colors they use. If you also want to paint your beehive but you don’t know how to paint it and what kind of paint is safe for your bees then continue reading this article. Today we are going to tell you everything you need to know about painting your beehives.

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  • How Do Your Bees Reproduce?
    How Do Your Bees Reproduce?
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    Honey bees are interesting creatures and yet are very less talked about. And so, knowing anything at all about them is very scarce. So, today, let us see about the most important and beautiful process of reproduction in honey bees. Here is a brief light on how do your bees reproduce.

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  • How to Store Bee Bread and Bee Pollen?
    How to Store Bee Bread and Bee Pollen?
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    Bee bread and bee pollen are mentioned a lot of times but has anyone mentioned that if not stored properly, these items will degrade and become unusable. So, how to store them? If your interest lies in the honey collection, then this might be your number one question. So, in this article, let us find out all about how to store bee bread and bee pollen.

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  • Foundationless Beekeeping- How To Convert To Natural Beekeeping
    Foundationless Beekeeping- How To Convert To Natural Beekeeping
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    Foundation less beekeeping is all about making bees to build straight combs. While starting beekeeping, many questions and choices surround us to confuse. Therefore adequate knowledge about every aspect of beekeeping is necessary. It is important that any culture should give more returns as compared to investment then only it can be called as a profitable business to rely on. A little bit of skills and strategies blended with awareness can produce excellent results unexpectedly.

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  • How To Get Rid Of Varroa Mites Naturally
    How To Get Rid Of Varroa Mites Naturally
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    What Are Varroa Mites?   Varroa mites are the parasites that suck their food from honey bees and cause a disease called varroosis. These mites perform their reproduction only in a honey bee colony. They feed on the fat bodies of bees and weaken them, thus destroying the honey bee colonies. They are the carriers of minimum 5 debilitating bee viruses such as RNA viruses and Deformed wing viruses. Infestation of Varroa mites ultimately causes the death of honey bees. These mites produce...

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  • How To Set Up A Swarm Trap For Honey bees?
    How To Set Up A Swarm Trap For Honey bees?
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    Swarming season is usually during spring when the bees have spent the winter in their colony and are ready to split to start afresh and gather enough honey before winter. But trapping a swarm can be a hit and miss. Everything from the equipment to the lure you use can make a difference. So here’s a step-by-step instruction on setting up a swarm trap for honey bees:

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  • How Can You Help Bees?
    How Can You Help Bees?
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    There has been a lot of buzz in recent years about the importance of bees and their decreasing numbers. We feel all this hype is definitely needed. Bee colonies have been dwindling in numbers every year. Efforts are being put into saving bees, but they are not enough. We need to come up with a more universal approach which involves every citizen of the planet. Here’s how you can do your bit for these pretty pollinators,

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