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  • Plastic vs. Wax foundation? Here you can find, everything you need to know about it.
    Plastic vs. Wax foundation? Here you can find, everything you need to know about it.
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    A good foundation to begin your beekeeping journey is very important. This foundation is to kickstart the bees to build their own honeycomb, providing the exact size for the bees to make. Beekeepers can control the size as they require increased productivity. Foundations are also important to help new colonies adapt to a new beehive.

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  • Common Misconceptions About Bees
    Common Misconceptions About Bees
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    Bees are no doubt one of the highly beneficial agricultural insects that are found everywhere. Bees have more than 20,000 species and all we know about them is honey production. Most of us lack the proper knowledge about bees and this leads to several misconceptions. However, it is always good to stop those misconceptions from spreading out. Once the misconceptions are cleared, it will encourage more people into this insect agriculture.

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  • Different Life Cycles of a Bee
    Different Life Cycles of a Bee
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    A beekeeper must have knowledge about a honey bee’s life cycle. There are four stages in the life of a honey bee. Egg Larvae Pupae Adult As we know, a colony has three types of honey bees – queen, drone and worker. While the stages in all the three types of bees are same, there is a difference in their development time. We will learn a little more about what happens to the honey bees in these different stages.

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  • Do The Bees Hibernate In The Winter?
    Do The Bees Hibernate In The Winter?
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    Many bees and wasps go into hibernation when the cold months of the year arrive. In a lot of species of bees, only the queen manages to live through the winter. Then they come out in spring to rebuild a colony. However, honey bees are one of those that stay all through the winter. They do it regardless of the cold temperatures and lack of flowers. Not all bees act the same way. Some bees hibernate while some work hard to keep warm and fed. Honey bees and bumble bees belong to the same...

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