If it's something wrong, please follow these steps:

  • Please read manual carefully and proceed EXACTLY step by step. This is usually cause of most troubles reported.
  • If you have GSM module, check if Sim card has PIN CODE DEACTIVATED and do also the check if the Sim SUPPORTS MOBILE DATA (Internet) It is easily done by inserting the Sim into the phone and and it starts without asking for pin and you are able to browse the internet without activated connection to WIFI.
  • Check battery if it's fully CHARGED and CORRECTLY inserted. After inserting battery GSM searches for devices. Transmitting cycle is set to one hour and because of that it can take up to one hour.
  • Place the GSM module AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE to devices and if connection WORKS you can start increacsing the distance. Try to have between devices as less obstacles as possible. Keep the gateway AT LEAST 50cm ABOVE GROUND.
  • Green application behaves as GSM. If you have GSM module DO NOT USE green application.
  • CONTACT US only after you have CHECKED previous points.