Beekeeping Hive scale 3M+


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Influence of plants on nectar
From the hive scale, you will be able to determine the effect on bees of plants that grown in their vicinity. 

Weight of honey in the hive
Honey production is one of the main goals of every beekeeper. The ability to determine the amount of honey that bees produce is essential in beekeeping. It is important to take it away so that they don’t swarm, but it is also important to leave them some supplies so that they can survive the winter. Observing during one season will help you to make the next season easier and more successful, both in terms of bee health and honey yield.

Winter season
The most problematic period for bees is the winter. 20-40% of bee colonies are killed worldwide each year. If you know the weight of the hive, you can find out from the hive scale how much stock the bees have in the hive so that you can feed them before the winter. 

Swarming problem
When bees swarm, the hive weight will give you an immediate signal that this has happened. The swarm usually sits on a nearby tree and you have a few hours to catch it before it decides to fly away. An online hive weight informs you of an unusual weight loss and you know you have to go catch a swarm or check the hive.

Healthy and efficient hives
It is very important to understand the health of bees and their performance compared to other hives: if you have several hive weights, you can make a very precise selection of the best hives and separate those that lag behind. This way you can choose the best genetic material and you will do much better during the next season.

Beekeeping Hive scale 3M+

Hive monitoring, Hive scale, is the best present for beekeepers. It is universal for all types of bee hives and easy for use.

What the metal hive scale can do:

1. hive weight up to 200kg
2. outdoor temperature
3. outdoor humidity (if you make hole to enclosure)
4. daily, weekly, monthly nectar flow
5. numbers and graphs
6.estimated number of flying bees
7. every 10 minutes new data
8. internal memory for 2 months
9. cloud archive for 5 years of data
10. communication by smartphone via Bluetooth
11. communication by external GSM module
12. free mobile app for both iPhone, Android 
13. open air communication distance 100m, after insertion into the hive 5m to 50m. (If you have GSM module, you can see data from any distance).
14. web application for personal computers and export to MS Excel (optional)
15. chargeable battery duration for 5 years for one charging cycle
16. battery is included, no additional fees
17. warning of unusual weight change – theft
18. weighing accuracy: +/- 0.25kg
19. max width: 60cm

Dimensions: 500x40x20mm (1 leg). Max distance between 2 legs is 60cm.
Weight: 1,5kg
Accuracy of weight: 10g
Languages of Application:  EN, FR, DE, IT, SK, ES, CZ, PL, RU, PT, EL, SV, NN, NL, SL, HU

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