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Available in 2023

Do you want to become a beekeeper and don't know how to start?
We have prepared this online beekeeping course for you, where you will learn what you need.
Plus as a bonus, a beekeeping book as a FREE gift for each course (only valid in 2022).
The course consists of more than 200 videos.
If you have further questions, please contact us via our online chat (bottom right of the page).

THE HEART OF A BEEKEEPER is a course for anyone who wants to start with bees. It guides you step by step through everything a beekeeper needs to know. At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate and join the global beekeeping community.

The moment I finished the book called WHAT BEEKEEPERS DIDN'T KNOW, I understood that every beekeeper and nature lover must read it. It describes my personal experiences and procedures of how I took care of 250 bee colonies without major problems at a time when bees were dying all over the world.

It also contains mysterious information from books, the oldest of which is from 1792. Studying these old books gave me a completely different perspective on how to approach the sustainability of this craft. If you believe in the value of ancient wisdom and its connection to today's modern world, be sure to read the book to the end. Individual chapters are mutually

connected into a whole so that ideas are coherent and the practical use of information is maximal.

The course describes what beekeepers did not know, and it is connected to advice, instructions and recommendations from practice. Even children already know that the industriousness of bees has no competition in nature. But bees also have secrets that even old beekeepers don't know. The book will gradually reveal these secrets and thereby move the understanding and symbiosis between thebeekeeper and the bee colony to a completely new level.

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