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Key Features

a. Programmable 5/8/12 Megapixel high-quality resolution;
b. Especially designed function buttons for user’s conveniences;
c. Optional to turn on/off camera speaker;
d. 40 pcs IR LEDs for flash range as 20 meters;
e. Adjustable PIR sensitivity;
f. Multi-shot pictures (up to 7 pics per trigger);
g. Impressive quick trigger time: 0.8-1s (GPRS trigger time is 1.2s);
h. Support standard 6~12V solar panel;
i. Color pictures during day; black and white at night.
j. Adjustable delay between motions;
k. With 8 AA alkaline batteries, the longest standby time is up to 6 months;
l. Available operation temperature: -20℃ to 60℃;
m. Time Lapse for automatically and constantly shooting of pictures/videos at preset interval;
n. With specified Timer, camera can be programmed to work only during preset time period every day;
o. Stamp of USER LABEL, date, time, temperature and moon phase on every picture enables you to identify where and when the camera shot photos;
p. Built-in 2.0" TFT color screen to review photos and videos in camera.
q. Audio Recording brings you heart pumping like ever before;
r. Two different TV OUT settings help you review photos/videos even from Television.
s. With MMS/GPRS/SMTP/FTP function, camera can transmit photos to 1-6 preset mobile phones and 1-6 email per trigger.
t. SMS alert when battery is low;
u. SMS to realize various configurations;
v. SMS to enable camera to shoot a photo and send back instantly;
w. Support most 2G and most 3G SIM cards to get real-time photos;

Camera trap


Manual for camera trap

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