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A game about beekeepers and bees, which can gradually teach a non-beekeeper to become bebeekeeper and the beekeeper will not only be pleased, but also learn something new, interesting. We created this game to draw the general public closer to beekeepers and their hard work.

Our story began in 2016. Several enthusiasts got together and we launched several ecological methods of bee care. Our members were interested but also outraged, especially the beekeepers, whose experienced procedures were contrary to what we found out. We gradually convinced tens of thousands of beekeepers all over the world. We currently monitor 40,000 bee colonies in 56 countries around the world. The game for mobile phones and web browsers called BEEKEEPER FARM, which we created, is only a natural continuation of our efforts.

What the game offers you:

  • Live a parallel world as beekeepers around the world live it. Every day you can build your beehives, build new hives, catch bee swarms, dial and sell honey

  • You can have beehives in different parts of the world. Each apiary will have a different climatic effect on the bees.

  • Your game actions will take place in the apiary, in the store, in the warehouse, in the hive, but you will also have to use the encyclopedia to master the beekeeping quizzes and competitions.


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