Queen Rearing Frame for the NICOT system


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The breeding frame serves as the basic partition wall of the breeding system NICOT
The queen rearing frame frame serves as the basic partition wall of the breeding system NICOT. The frame includes a clear cover without holes, a clear cover with holes similar to the mother grid and a stopper for the hole to escape the queen bee.

The breeding system is used for simple and comfortable behavior of mothers without the need for relarization, without the requirement for good eyesight and a firm hand. The Nicot pre-irrigation system ensures the creation of conditions for easy and high-quality rearing of queen bees.

Breeding procedure:
Close the queen under the lid and let her place the eggs in the prepared rearing cell cups. When the bowls are laid, release the queen and wait 3 days for the egg to turn into a larva. Then transfer the rearing cell cups to the beige holders and then slide them onto the brown carriers mounted on the breeding frame. Insert the frame into the breeding hive. Two days before the queen hatches, put cylindrical cages on the queen's cells, in which you don't forget to put some honey. Hatched bee queens are thus protected from disposal by other queens.

Approximate weight: 0.170 kg