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Transformer as embedder for stainless steel wire for sealing of partitions which are fixed to the frames by means of stainless steel wire.
Transformer of embedded for stainless steel wire is used for sealing intermediate partitions, which are fixed to the frames with stainless steel wire. Do not use to heat tinned wire!

How to use:

Prepare bee frames with a taut bee wire. The string of the frame is only in one direction (the wire is not crossed anywhere).
Insert the partition into the frame so that it rests on the bottom bar of the frame.
Place the sealing transformer on a non-flammable base so that the end outlet bananas do not touch each other.
Plug the mains plug of the transformer into a 230V socket.
Grasp the end outlet bananas by the insulated part and connect them to the ends of the frame braid wires.
The wire heats up and within a few seconds the partition is sealed into the string of the frame. WARNING! If the wire is overheated, the partition may fall through the string of the frame.
The sealing time depends on the length of the braid of the frame, the diameter and the type of wire used.
The maximum continuous sealing time of one frame is 10 seconds.
Technical parameters of the transformer:

Power supply: 230V / 50Hz
Output voltage: 9V
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