Mouse guard stainless steel, 230mm


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Stainless steel mouse guard  to narrow the leaf hole as a barrier against small rodents.
The stainless steel muse guard serves to narrow the leaf hole as a barrier against small rodents that may try to get into the beehive. They are mainly mounted in the leaf holes at the bottom of the hive.

A part of the mouse guard is also a rail, which is attached to the flight board by means of nails and the rodent barrier is inserted into it. The stainless steel moue guard also serves in cases where we want to ensure that bees cannot fly out of the hive and the hive is ventilated. In that case, we set the "toothed" barrier by simply turning it with the teeth up and attaching it back to the  leaflet barrier without the "toothing".

Dimensions: 230 x 23 mm
Approximate weight: 0.040 kg pests.

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