Abies alba

25,00 €

Thank you and we appreciate your support for this project. Any financial gift, like, sharing or a good word will encourage us. The result of the joint effort will be new knowledge, that other people could use to improve their environment and life.

You will be permanently listed in the supporters list for this post. We'll send you a paper certificate and get a kit to create your own bonsai, that will live with you all your life and can even live with your children and grandchildren. :)

The tree is a small seedling. You gradually grow bonsai yourself from it. You will learn first-hand, how long it takes to create something of value and how beautiful it can be in the future if you deserve it.

You choose the shape of the tree yourself - gradually as it grows. The bowl and tree in the picture are only illustrative photos.
... and maybe we'll meet sometimes and then find out who you are, what you've survived and how fate brought us together.

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