4G GSM Gateway / clasic

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4G GSM Gateway / clasic

America, Canada, Australia, Europe

Online gateway to monitor hives. You only need one gate to monitor your hives from home.
1. 2g, 3g, 4g, LTE network is possible
2. only 1 gateway for 100 devices in one location
3. automatically sends data from devices, you see data online wherever you are
4. every 15 minutes data sent is possible
5. open air communication distance 100m, in real apiary environment from 5m to 50m
6.micro USB connector for charging is inside enclosure
7. battery is included
8.only 20 MB per month on SIM card
9. cost of a sim card from us is only 10EUR per year
10. no additional fees
11. waterproof enclosure

This device just needs one on the apiary, and only if you want to watch the data straight from home without having to go to the apiary. The device contains a lithium battery that can be recharged and is water-resistant. Place the appliance somewhere on the apiary and all devices in the 30m circuit are automatically connected to it. You do not need to set anything up.
Dimensions: 148x90x26mm
Weight: 220g
Network: 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE

hive GSM gateway



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